Sliding wardrobes

Optimise the space inside your wardrobe to suit your needs and budget

Bronze package

With the bronze package we install the front frame, with a single interior shelf and hanging rail which is ideal for smaller spaces.

Silver package

The silver package is a versatile solution for larger spaces. We install the front frame, with a tall shelving unit, double hanging space with shelf above, and long hanging rail.

Gold Wreath

Gold package

Our top package is gold and includes front frame, long hanging rail above a single chest of drawers as well as a double hanging space with a shelf above.

Fitted wardrobes – finishes

Choose a wardrobe with a classic look and feel.

Choice is a great thing. Our bedroom furniture has plenty of options, including 16 board finishes, twelve glass finishes and aluminium fittings in champagne, silver, white or black.

Fitted wardrobes – sizes

Want a contemporary look for your bedroom?

Our fitted wardrobes can accommodate most room sizes. For example, the sliding door options are suitable for spaces as little as 1.2 metres and up to 5 metres wide. When it comes to hinged doors, a pair can be from 900mm and with six hinged doors we can achieve up to 3.7 metres span.

Matching chests and drawers

Give your bedroom a traditional shaker style.

Whatever style you choose from a wardrobe, you can complement it with other bedroom furniture. Drawer chests can have glass or wood finish fronts and heights from 527mm to 1439mm and widths of 392mm to 792mm.

Wardrobes for loft conversions

Go for clean lines and a statement of individuality.

Whilst most standard rooms are square, we have worked on many examples of loft conversions or rooms with dormers and eaves, sloping ceilings or alcoves where the doors and frame need to accommodate those angles neatly. We have plenty of options to make it work perfectly for you.